Leadership & Team Building

The rebuilding efforts undertaken after 9/11 were unprecedented in scope and magnitude. And while the Fire Department had suffered unimaginable loss on that day, more than a decade later FDNY is more resilient and stronger than ever. This remarkable accomplishment was facilitated by the Foundation-funded FDNY Officers Management Institute (FOMI). Developed in the wake of 9/11, the innovative program provides high-ranking Officers with a solid foundation in management principles and leadership strategy, especially in emergency and disaster situations. FOMI has proved to be an indispensable tool for the Department and a nationally recognized model for teaching leadership principles and disaster readiness. The six-month program is offered through the Columbia Business School and includes course work from experts in the corporate community, government and homeland security.

Additionally, the FDNY Foundation supports a series of FDNY leadership development initiatives throughout the year, including retreats, a special Advanced Leadership & Management Program for senior staff and a Firefighter for a Day team-building program for civilian FDNY employees. For more information about becoming a Firefighter for a Day, please click here.

Professional Development & Conferences

To maintain its reputation as one of the nation’s premier emergency response agencies, the FDNY has invested heavily in the training of its membership. But, as municipal budgets often are trimmed, it is funding from the FDNY Foundation that can ensure the Department can continuously fund advanced training programs at its academies. Every day, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Fire Marshals hone their skills and prepare for the rigors of the job at state-of-the-art facilities in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Since 9/11, the Department has emphasized an all-hazards approach to training, placing it at the forefront of public safety in New York City, while simultaneously setting standards for the nation. Specialized courses, technical training programs and curriculum centered on disaster readiness are just some of the measures that have become keystones of the Department.

Websites and publications devoted to training, safety and preparedness also have helped the Department keep its members informed of the latest tactics and information from FDNY subject matter experts. The FDNY DiamondPlate Training and Information Program and WNYF Magazine are both important tools that have helped educate members, thanks to the backing from the FDNY Foundation.

Funding from the FDNY Foundation also helps the Department offer education scholarships in fire science and other related subject matter areas.

Family Assistance & Counseling

The health and well-being of the Department’s members are also a key component of programs and units, such as the Family Assistance Unit and the FDNY Counseling Services Unit, that are assisted by the FDNY Foundation. The Family Assistance Unit educates the FDNY community on cancer awareness and prevention through outreach, screening programs, fundraisers and cancer research. Recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy were also aided by the Foundation. To learn more about the FDNY Family Assistance Unit, please visit this website: firedupforacurefdnynyc.org. To help donate to the FDNY Family Assistance Unit, please click here: fdnyfoundation.org/donate.

For more information about the FDNY Counseling Service Unit, please click here.