Capital & Infrastructure Assistance

Keeping New York City residents and visitors safe requires continual investments in new tools, apparatus and other lifesaving equipment. In addition, further improvement to FDNY’s training campuses is also a top priority. The Foundation helped open the nation’s first high-rise fire simulator at the FDNY Training Academy in Manhattan and continues to assist in creating the best environments for the Department’s Fire and EMS personnel to train and prepare for emergencies. Keeping FDNY at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and best practices in fire science and patient care is critical and a key effort.

Procurement Assistance

The Foundation has helped the Department acquire many noteworthy tools. Radiation detection meters, simulation software and hardware and CPR kits to aid in fire and life safety education are recent acquisitions made possible by Foundation funds.

Research and Development

Foundation-supported efforts also include important innovations, such as breaking down communication barriers between first responders and the diverse communities they serve. Translator cards have been distributed and proved to be an important tool for saving lives. Other significant projects, funded by the Foundation, have made the job and public safer. Research and development efforts are often first to be trimmed from municipal budgets, but Foundation aid assures they remain robust.