FDNY Holds Manhattan Boroughwide Plaque Dedication Ceremony

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July 27, 2021
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FDNY Holds Manhattan Boroughwide Plaque Dedication Ceremony

On Wednesday, July 28, FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over a Manhattan Boroughwide Plaque Dedication Ceremony in honor of 16 FDNY members who bravely served the Department in Manhattan.

Commissioner Nigro said, “We have a deeper appreciation for these gatherings as they were stolen from us last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. And that’s because in the Fire Department, one of our greatest traditions is our ability to gather together, to celebrate, to mourn, to inspire, and to honor and remember those we have lost. Today, we achieve each of those duties as we honor 16 of our members whose lives were cut far too short. They were Firefighters, Fire Officers, EMTs, and Paramedics. Each made an impact in their firehouse or EMS Station, saving lives, protecting life and property, and providing outstanding emergency medical care. To all our families here today, know that our gratitude to your loved ones will never fade and neither will their wonderful spirits. The indelible impacts they leave behind will never be forgotten.”  

The FDNY Foundation joins the FDNY in honoring the following members:

Battalion Chief James Costello, Battalion 4 
Firefighter Harry L. Davis, Squad 18 
Firefighter Anthony Alese, Engine 9 
Paramedic Martha Stewart, Station 8 
Firefighter Richard H. Meehan, Battalion 6 
Lieutenant Timothy P. O’Neill, Ladder 5 
Firefighter Lloyd W. Stuart, Engine 3 
Firefighter Richard N. Driscoll, Engine 91 
Firefighter Robert B. Fitzgibbon, Engine 47 
Firefighter John W. Boyle, Rescue 1 
Captain Dennis M. Gilhooly, Engine 67 
Firefighter Richard B. Jones, Ladder 25 
Firefighter John H. Marr, Engine 34 
EMT Gregory H. Hodge, New York City Office of Emergency Management 
EMT Douglas E. Gertz, Station 7 
Firefighter Christian E. Murphy, Ladder 6  

The FDNY Foundation will never forget these 16 members we have lost. We thank them for their service and sacrifice to the people and City of New York.

To view the full ceremony, please visit: bit.ly/20210728ManhattanPlaqueDedication

To view more photos from the ceremony, visit: bit.ly/3l2ygfn