FDNY Foundation Congratulates 147 Probationary EMTs on their Graduation

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May 23, 2022
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June 2, 2022
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FDNY Foundation Congratulates 147 Probationary EMTs on their Graduation

On Tuesday, May 24th, Acting Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh presided over a graduation ceremony for 147 Probationary FDNY Emergency Medical Technicians.

The FDNY Foundation congratulates all 147 graduates and we wish them the best of luck as they begin their careers in the FDNY. We thank them for choosing a career of service and commitment to protecting the people and City of New York and proudly representing the FDNY.

“It is work that brings hope to every call – thousands of times a day when our neighbors call 911, and you answer those calls. Your presence alone provides immediate relief to those who most need it. FDNY EMTs and Paramedics respond quickly, bringing with them their outstanding training – their dedication – and their top-notch medical care. Today, as you raise your right hands and swear your oath – you join the ranks of the very best in this city. Your work will leave a lasting impact on every patient you encounter – and all the emergencies you respond to, big or small, will provide relief and hope and care, and for that, our city is safer and stronger,” said Acting Fire Commissioner Kavanagh. 

Acting Chief of Department John Hodgens said, “So often you will be that first link in the chain of survival for New Yorkers who experience a traumatic medical event. FDNY EMTs are the definition of essential first responders. You are armed with outstanding training from dedicated instructors who are committed to seeing you succeed. We are all excited to see how well you will perform on every call.”

To view the ceremony, visit: facebook.com/FDNY

To view more photos from the graduation, visit: bit.ly/3Gi9D6N