Foundation Helps Spread Safety Message

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October 7, 2014
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October 21, 2014

FDNY Foundation Helps Spread Safety Message

In the wake of a tragic, fatal fire that took the lives of two children in Queens, the FDNY is stepping up its efforts to spread its message of fire safety.

FDNY Fire Marshals determined the Oct. 6 fire was caused by an unattended candle and that the home did not have working smoke alarms.

The FDNY on Fri., Oct. 10 sent members of its Fire Safety Response Team – a part of the FDNY Foundation funded Fire Safety Education Unit – to the neighborhood to promote fire and life safety efforts and to hand out fire alarms and batteries to area residents.

The Fire Safety Response Team is one of the most important aspects of the FDNY. The team moves into action following a serious or fatal fire and promotes fire safety within the affected community. They share critical fire safety statistics, as well as teach people how to both respond to and avoid a similar tragedy.

“An operable smoke alarm cuts your chances of dying in a fire nearly in half,” said Lieutenant Anthony Mancuso, Director of Fire Safety Education. “Everyone should have a plan and meeting place out side their home.”

Longtime FDNY partners WABC Television and Kidde, the world’s leading manufacturer of residential fire safety products, joined the Fire Safety Response Team to help in the education efforts on Friday. The organizations have long worked together as a part of Operation Save a Life, a community program which promotes fire and life safety efforts across the city and throughout the country.

“Of course, we wish events like this never happened,” said FDNY Foundation Executive Director Jean O’Shea. “When they do, we are so grateful to our partners like Kidde and WABC for helping the FDNY respond to the impacted neighborhoods by sharing these life-saving messages and giving out these life-saving tools.”

WABC broadcasted live from the location during their noon newscast on Friday, with anchor David Novarro sharing life-saving tips from the FDNY and interviewing residents who picked up free smoke detectors.

“Everybody needs a smoke detector,” said one. “First of all, it’s the law. Second of all, it can save lives.”

“Since 1999, WABC-TV has proudly partnered with the FDNY to help spread it’s life-saving fire safety message,” ABC7 said in a statement. “ABC7 is dedicated to informing viewers on ways to prevent and detect dangers like fire, smoke and carbon monoxide through the Operation & 7: Save a Life campaign.”

As a part of the education initiative Friday, the FDNY and WABC gave away more than 300 smoke detectors and 200 batteries, thanks to a generous donation from Kidde, as well as electronic candles that provide light without flame. Since 2002, Kidde has donated more than one million smoke alarms to fire departments across the country as a part of Operation Save a Life.

“Kidde has a strong relationship with the FDNY Foundation and WABC because we share the common goal of keeping people safer from fire,” said Kidde Communications and Marketing manager, Heather Caldwell. “When lives are lost, we want to do everything we can to help reinforce the critical message that smoke alarms save lives.”

“One of our top priorities is to support the Department’s educational programs,” said FDNY Foundation Chairman Stephen Ruzow. “In the days following tragic events, the FDNY steps up with its partners to respond to the communities affected and we are proud to be able to help them in their efforts to give the public the tools and information they need to protect themselves during emergencies.”

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