FDNY Holds Brooklyn and Staten Island Boroughwide Plaque Dedication Ceremony

FDNY Holds Queens Boroughwide Plaque Dedication Ceremony
August 12, 2021
FDNY Holds Brooklyn Boroughwide Plaque Dedication Ceremony
August 18, 2021
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FDNY Holds Brooklyn and Staten Island Boroughwide Plaque Dedication Ceremony

On Wednesday, August 18, FDNY First Deputy Commissioner Laura Kavanagh presided over a Brooklyn and Staten Island Boroughwide Plaque Dedication ceremony in honor of 11 FDNY members who bravely served in the Department in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Commissioner Kavanagh said, “Thank you for joining us today as we remember 11 of our members who bravely served our Department. We’ve missed in-person gatherings for the last year and a half due to the pandemic, so it is nice to see everyone here today, the time spent without these occasions has given us a deeper appreciation for them. In the Fire Department, a Department steeped in history, one of our greatest traditions is our ability to gather together in celebration, in mourning, in inspiration and in honor. We also gather in remembrance of those we have lost. We remember 11 today, yes, but we know each member was an individual, with a different story and different experience and different path that led them to joining the ranks of the FDNY. Still, there’s one thing they all share, their service and dedication to their community, to their neighbor, to New Yorkers. For you, our families, know our gratitude to your loved ones will never fade and neither will their unique spirits.”  

The FDNY Foundation joins the FDNY in honoring the following members:

Firefighter Michael L. Feldman, Ladder 161  
Firefighter Joseph A. Hatzelman, Engine 218  
EMT Alexander Raso, Station 59  
EMT John Redd, FDNY Emergency Medical Dispatch  
Firefighter Anthony J. Catapano, Engine 202  
Firefighter Paul A. McManaman, Squad 252  
EMT Michael Lalima, FDNY Emergency Medical Dispatch  
Electrical Inspector Michael Kavolius, FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention  
Firefighter Richard J. Tanagretta, Rescue 5  
Firefighter Anthony R. Iraci, Engine 155  
Firefighter Andrew S. Gargiulo, Engine 160  

The FDNY Foundation will never forget these 11 members we have lost. We thank them for their service and sacrifice to the people and City of New York.

To view the full ceremony, please visit:bit.ly/20210818BKSIPlaqueDedication2

To view more photos from the ceremony, visit: bit.ly/2Xs4DKz