FDNY Foundation joins FDNY in Remembering Fallen Members at Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

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FDNY Foundation joins FDNY in Remembering Fallen Members at Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

On Wednesday, October 7th, the FDNY Foundation joined FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro for one of the most solemn days on the FDNY Calendar, the 113th Annual FDNY Memorial Day. Today we honor Twenty-three FDNY members who died this past year.

Traditionally, the event takes place at the Firemen’s Memorial on Riverside Drive in Manhattan, and is attended by thousands of active and retired FDNY members, and the families of the members who have died. Due to COVID-19, today’s ceremony was a virtual event.

Those honored at this year’s ceremony were:

Battalion Chief John Nykiel; Firefighter Matthew McDevitt; EMT Alexander Raso; EMT Richard Seaberry;* EMT Gregory Hodge;* EMT John Redd;* EMT Idris Bey;* EMT John Mondello; EMT Robert Tier; EMT Douglas Gertz; Lieutenant Matthew Keene; EMT Michael Lalima; Firefighter Christian Murphy; EMT Brandon Dorsa; Firefighter Jason McNamee;* Auto Mechanic James Villecco;* Deputy Chief Fire Inspector Syed Rahman;* Principal Administrative Associate Kellie Childs;* Fire Inspector Edward Mungin* Supervising Auto Mechanic Thomas Ward;* Clerical Associate Kenneth Stubbs;* Supervising Fire Inspector Mark Remolino;* and EMT Paul Cary* of Ambulnz Company, Aurora Fire Department, CO, who died of COVID-19 while deployed to New York City. 

*Died of COVID-19

“It is an inspiring tribute to all who have ever served this great Department – all the men and women who risk their lives day after day responding to fires and medical emergencies across our city. This year, beyond the lifesaving work our members normally perform, they found themselves on the frontlines of a pandemic as well. Year after year on this day, our FDNY family gathers in extraordinary numbers to honor the friends and loved ones we have lost,” said Fire Commissioner Nigro.

Chief of Department, John Sudnik added, “On this day each year – our Memorial Day – we pay tribute to all those we sadly lost before their work was done. Though we are physically apart this year, we are together today in spirit to honor them as a solemn show of respect for their families, and to keep our promise to stand by their side, always.”

The FDNY Foundation remembers the twenty-three FDNY members lost this year and their bravery, dedication, service, and sacrifice to the people and city of New York.

To view the full ceremony, visit: bit.ly/FDNY100720

To view photos from today’s ceremony, please visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fdnyhome/albums/72157716298949668/with/50433512936/