FDNY Firefighter for a Day Team Challenge


FDNY Firefighter for a Day Team Challenge

This ongoing event is the answer to a request from the business community: could the FDNY help business leaders strengthen their teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills?

One of the first FDNY Firefighter for a Day Team Challenges partnered the FDNY with the Wharton Business School Leadership Program Team for an intensive day at the FDNY’s state-of-the-art Fire Academy.

Since then, many corporations and organizations, including BNP Paribas, Bloomberg, Kidde, SAIC, Weil Gotshal & Manges, and the New York Mets, have sent teams to the challenge.

The day involves various drills in which teams are required to work together as they enter the world of emergency response. Participants are given official FDNY gear to move through each of the challenges.

To build trust and improve communication, teams are sent up to the top of a high-rise building and must lower each member of the group from the roof.

Team members learn how to navigate a dark tunnel filled with obstacles in an effort to improve the skills necessary for performing under pressure and adapting to new situations. Participants, bearing the extra weight of FDNY gear and breathing equipment, crawl through the tunnel in a unique environment aimed at simulating the kind of pressures FDNY members face every day.

Participants also get the rare opportunity to face a real fire in a live fire simulation. The team enters a building with flames lapping over their heads. This simulation is designed to build leadership skills, as team members have to rely on one another and on their leader to effectively combat the fire.

Teams also face the challenge of a search and rescue mission, in which members are forced to work with partners to use environmental clues, much like FDNY members must do when facing real search and rescue situations. This mission aims to teach both teamwork and problem skills.

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